Reionization models

class camb.reionization.ReionizationModel[source]

Abstract base class for reionization models.

Variables:Reionization – (boolean) Is there reionization? (can be off for matter power which is independent of it)
class camb.reionization.TanhReionization[source]

Bases: camb.reionization.ReionizationModel

This default (unphysical) tanh x_e parameterization is described in Appendix B of arXiv:0804.3865

  • use_optical_depth – (boolean) Whether to use the optical depth or redshift paramters
  • redshift – (float64) Reionization redshift if use_optical_depth-False
  • optical_depth – (float64) Optical depth if use_optical_depth=True
  • delta_redshift – (float64) Duration of reionization
  • fraction – (float64) Reionization fraction when complete, or -1 for full ionization of hydrogen and first ionization of helium.
  • include_helium_fullreion – (boolean) Whether to include second reionization of helium
  • helium_redshift – (float64) Redshift for second reionization of helium
  • helium_delta_redshift – (float64) Width in redshift for second reionization of helium
  • helium_redshiftstart – (float64) Include second helium reionizatio below this redshift
  • tau_solve_accuracy_boost – (float64) Accuracy boosting parameter for solving for z_re from tau
  • timestep_boost – (float64) Accuracy boosting parameter for the minimum number of time sampling steps through reionization
  • max_redshift – (float64) Maxmimum redshift allowed when mapping tau into reionization redshift
get_zre(params, tau=None)[source]

Get the midpoint redshift of reionization.

  • paramsmodel.CAMBparams instance with cosmological parameters
  • tau – if set, calculate the redshift for optical depth tau, otherwise uses curently set parameters

reionization mid-point redshift

set_tau(tau, delta_redshift=None)[source]

Set the optical depth

  • tau – optical depth
  • delta_redshift – delta z for reionization


set_zrei(zrei, delta_redshift=None)[source]

Set the mid-point reionization redshift

  • zrei – mid-point redshift
  • delta_redshift – delta z for reionization