Source code for camb.nonlinear

from .baseconfig import F2003Class, fortran_class
from ctypes import c_int, c_double

[docs] class NonLinearModel(F2003Class): """ Abstract base class for non-linear correction models """ _fields_ = [("Min_kh_nonlinear", c_double, "minimum k/h at which to apply non-linear corrections")]
halofit_original = 'original' halofit_bird = 'bird' halofit_peacock = 'peacock' halofit_takahashi = 'takahashi' halofit_mead = 'mead' halofit_halomodel = 'halomodel' halofit_casarini = 'casarini' halofit_mead2015 = 'mead2015' halofit_mead2016 = 'mead2016' halofit_mead2020 = 'mead2020' halofit_mead2020_feedback = 'mead2020_feedback' halofit_default = halofit_mead2020 halofit_version_names = {halofit_original: 1, halofit_bird: 2, halofit_peacock: 3, halofit_takahashi: 4, halofit_mead: 5, halofit_halomodel: 6, halofit_casarini: 7, halofit_mead2015: 8, halofit_mead2016: 5, halofit_mead2020: 9, halofit_mead2020_feedback: 10}
[docs] @fortran_class class Halofit(NonLinearModel): """ Various specific approximate non-linear correction models based on HaloFit. """ _fields_ = [ ("halofit_version", c_int, {"names": halofit_version_names}), ("HMCode_A_baryon", c_double, "HMcode parameter A_baryon"), ("HMCode_eta_baryon", c_double, "HMcode parameter eta_baryon"), ("HMCode_logT_AGN", c_double, "HMcode parameter log10(T_AGN/K)") ] _fortran_class_module_ = 'NonLinear' _fortran_class_name_ = 'THalofit' def get_halofit_version(self): return self.halofit_version
[docs] def set_params(self, halofit_version=halofit_default, HMCode_A_baryon=3.13, HMCode_eta_baryon=0.603, HMCode_logT_AGN=7.8): """ Set the halofit model for non-linear corrections. :param halofit_version: One of - original: `astro-ph/0207664 <>`_ - bird: `arXiv:1109.4416 <>`_ - peacock: `Peacock fit <>`_ - takahashi: `arXiv:1208.2701 <>`_ - mead: HMCode `arXiv:1602.02154 <>`_ - halomodel: basic halomodel - casarini: PKequal `arXiv:0810.0190 <>`_, `arXiv:1601.07230 <>`_ - mead2015: original 2015 version of HMCode `arXiv:1505.07833 <>`_ - mead2016: Alias for 'mead'. - mead2020: 2020 version of HMcode `arXiv:2009.01858 <>`_ - mead2020_feedback: 2020 version of HMcode with baryonic feedback `arXiv:2009.01858 <>`_ :param HMCode_A_baryon: HMcode parameter A_baryon. Default 3.13. Used only in models mead2015 and mead2016 (and its alias mead). :param HMCode_eta_baryon: HMcode parameter eta_baryon. Default 0.603. Used only in mead2015 and mead2016 (and its alias mead). :param HMCode_logT_AGN: HMcode parameter logT_AGN. Default 7.8. Used only in model mead2020_feedback. """ self.halofit_version = halofit_version self.HMCode_A_baryon = HMCode_A_baryon self.HMCode_eta_baryon = HMCode_eta_baryon self.HMCode_logT_AGN = HMCode_logT_AGN
[docs] @fortran_class class SecondOrderPK(NonLinearModel): """ Third-order Newtonian perturbation theory results for the non-linear correction. Only intended for use at very high redshift (z>10) where corrections are perturbative, it will not give sensible results at low redshift. See Appendix F of `astro-ph/0702600 <>`_ for equations and references. Not intended for production use, it's mainly to serve as an example alternative non-linear model implementation. """ _fortran_class_module_ = 'SecondOrderPK' _fortran_class_name_ = 'TSecondOrderPK' def set_params(self): pass