Recombination models

class camb.recombination.RecombinationModel[source]

Abstract base class for recombination models

Variables:min_a_evolve_Tm – (float64) minimum scale factor at which to solve matter temperature perturbation if evolving sound speed or ionization fraction perturbations
class camb.recombination.Recfast[source]

Bases: camb.recombination.RecombinationModel

RECFAST recombination model (see recfast source for details).

  • RECFAST_fudge – (float64)
  • RECFAST_fudge_He – (float64)
  • RECFAST_Heswitch – (integer)
  • RECFAST_Hswitch – (boolean)
  • AGauss1 – (float64)
  • AGauss2 – (float64)
  • zGauss1 – (float64)
  • zGauss2 – (float64)
  • wGauss1 – (float64)
  • wGauss2 – (float64)
class camb.recombination.CosmoRec[source]

Bases: camb.recombination.RecombinationModel

CosmoRec recombination model. To use this, the library must be build with CosmoRec installed and RECOMBINATION_FILES including cosmorec in the Makefile.

CosmoRec must be built with -fPIC added to the compiler flags.

  • runmode – (integer) Default 0, with diffusion; 1: without diffusion; 2: RECFAST++, 3: RECFAST++ run with correction
  • fdm – (float64) Dark matter annihilation efficiency
  • accuracy – (float64) 0-normal, 3-most accurate
class camb.recombination.HyRec[source]

Bases: camb.recombination.RecombinationModel

HyRec recombination model. To use this, the library must be build with HyRec installed and RECOMBINATION_FILES including hyrec in the Makefile.

You will need to edit HyRec Makefile to add -fPIC compiler flag to CCFLAG (for gcc), and rename “dtauda_” in history.c to “exported_dtauda”